Fundraiser Wine & Beer Tasting at Grapevine Wines

If you are looking for additional ways to raise funds for your organization, we at Grapevine Wines have been involved in numerous Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser events at the shop.  Attendees move about the wine shop tasting a variety of wines from around the world and a few craft beers.  As they move between the wine and beer tasting stations they get a chance to mingle with other guests.  According to members of the various organizations who have conducted events at our location, a Wine & Beer Tasting Fundraiser requires less effort on their part, generates more revenue and is a lot more fun for everyone than many of the current fundraising events they conduct.  Most organizations raise between $1,500 and $5,000 from the event.

Revenues can be generated by the event in four ways-

  1. Advance Ticket Sales – Grapevine Wines will charge a fee based upon the number of advanced ticket sales (See schedule below). Grapevine will provide the location, approximately 12 wines and an assortment of beers for tasting, staff and glassware.  The Charitable Organization will sell tickets at a higher price to those attending the event, and net the difference.  The price charged by the organization to attend is usually around $20 to $25.  Food, soda, bottled water… can be brought in by the organization, typically coordinated by a network of volunteers.  Some groups feel it appropriate to arrange for outside catering, but that reduces the total revenue generated that evening unless a corporate/individual underwriter is obtained.
  2. Raffle – At many of the previous events, the organization has done a raffle of items donated by individuals or purchased from Grapevine Wines such as gift baskets, wine bottles and wine accessories.  We suggest $5 raffle tickets, 5 tickets for $20.  Most often guests will take advantage of the $20 price.  Organizations often raise between $500 and $1,500 from the raffle.
  3. Silent Auction – We do have some space for auction items but it is limited.  The organization may have to bring in a few tables on which to place the items.  We can discuss this as the date of the event draws closer.
  4. Grapevine Wines Donation – 10% of any wine, food or accessory sales that evening will be donated to the charitable organization.


Minimum Charge of $500. Covers up to 50 guests.
Additional $10 cost per guest over 50 guests.

Minimum Charge of $750. Covers up to 75 guests.
Additional $10 cost per guest over 75 guests.

If you have further questions or would like to discuss possible dates for an event, please contact us at 314.909.7044.